I give You my heart, I give You my soul. 

I live for You alone.

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Looking in the past, you would see how different the world is now - your world and theirs. You see how things changed, for the better and how people left, for the better.

But there comes a time, when you suddenly miss out certain things, certain events, certain ‘feelings’ you once had - and you thought you’ll never have again.

Life has its own way of making us experience things that would hurt us so we know how to handle them the next time it crosses our path. We may have hurt feelings and moved on, but you know you carried with you the lesson that was there.

As for me, I’m happy to be the lady that I am now. I am grateful for the people who were there when I needed them; but are now gone. But most especially, I am thankful for the people who have hurt me the most, yet, taught me so many things I will always carry with me.


Dearest Yolanda,

I don’t have as much news about you but what I completely know is you brought destruction to our island. You killed lives of innocent people, destroyed their precious homes. But we can’t do anything about it bcos of the simple fact that you are part of our nature. I hope your eye see what you did.


Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon, mare-realize mo kung gaano ka kaswerte na hindi dumaan ang bagyo sa lugar mo. Kaya dapat matuto tayong makita yung mga maliliit na blessings na natatanggap natin. At syempre, isama natin sa ating mga dasal ang isa’t isa lalo na yung mga nakaranas ng hagupit ng bagyo.

Jelly ace.

That one bad feeling that eats you up and makes you overthink - makes you put on meanings to things that are really not necessary, makes you think you got all the ‘connections’ accurately.

Well, really. There’s nothing to be afraid of as long as you trust your man and you know you’re the only one. *wink wink

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iamgodspreciouschild asked: GIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) buti nataguan mo blog ko :D hihi God Bless! :) :*

Hi! Buti na nga lang e, nakita ko pa. Hndi ko na rin alam sino mga iffollow, parang ang daming bago. Haha!

Be back, again.

It’s been more or less a year and a half since I stopped blogging for some important reasons. I never thought of doing another account, again. Yes, I am still the “dgmari” I was before (and for some reasons, I am still keeping the blog). Thinking and feeling that this is supposed to be something new, so here I am.